About Us


The River Falls FFA Alumni, through leadership and guidance, promotes Agriculture and support Ag Education in the local FFA chapter, school district and community.


The vision of the National FFA Alumni Association is to be the premier champions for agriculture, agricultural education and FFA.


  • We value the integral nature of FFA and agricultural.
  • Education. We value agriculture as an essential part of society.
  • We value diversity in serving all populations.
  • We value the impact of a teacher on a student’s life.
  • We value the impact and involvement of parents/guardians and communities on a student’s life.
  • We value the community’s support of agricultural education teachers and programs.

Who Can Join?

Who can become a member of the River Falls FFA Alumni Association? Anyone interested in supporting the local agriculture education programs, agricultural instructors, and FFA members. If you see the importance of promoting agriculture education, have the heart of a volunteer and want to serve your local community, consider taking the time to get involve in your local or state FFA Alumni Affiliate. There are no restrictions on age, education, economics, or ability level. We need you to help spread the word on the importance of agriculture education.  To become a member submit dues here for more information please contact us.

2024 Officers

  • Keith Gunderson – President
  • Jeff Nielsen – Vice President
  • Ryan Joy – Treasurer
  • Courtney Vorwald – Secretary
  • Tom Anderson – Chapter Liaison
  • Dana Jensen – Reporter
  • Jake Vorwald – DIS

Our Supporters